casio-xj-v2-ces-8[CES 2016] It must be noted that we do not pass down the earth to the next generation, but rather, we inherit it – which is why we should do our utmost best to take good care of the earth, and one of the easiest ways of doing so would be to make use of “green” technology. Casio knows this, which is why it has added another member to the EcoLite range of next-generation LampFree projectors, calling it the EcoLite XJ-V2.

The Casio EcoLite XJ-V2 will arrive equipped with SSI light sources that make use of laser and LED, where the XJ-V2 will also be easier on your pockets as it will cost less than a conventional mercury lamp projector of an equivalent brightness. Apart from that, Casio hates dust bunnies as much as you do, having improved the dust resistance of the XJ-V2 through the restructuring of its internal components into a trio of blocks to shield the optical block from dust, which would in turn make sure that there is no peril of dust lowering projection brightness in order to increase the reliability and dependability of the XJ-V2 all the more.

Apart from that, the new EcoLite will arrive at maximum brightness in a matter of just 5 seconds from the moment it is turned on, and can be powered off with a touch of the button – and if you feel like you would want to power it up again, do so without having to go through the cool-down period.

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