As of today, if you were to run a search for ‘Jailbreak’ in the iOS App Store or in iTunes on your computer, the results that will be presented will have more asterisks than you can count unless you have a few hours on hand. In addition to the fact that Apple might still void your warranty if you jailbreak your iOS device, Apple has now taken a step further in that direction by classifying the word ‘jailbreak’ as a “dirty word” which is now represented as “J*******k”.


Twitter user @Planetbeing discovered the new block on the word while he was in the iTunes App Store. While Apple has apparently taken steps to block out the seemingly offensive word, it still allows the applications that are unrelated to the process but contains the word jailbreak, to remain where they are. That said however, the fact that Apple already has the ability to keep apps that jailbreak the iPhone out of the App Store makes us question the logic behind this decision which saw an episode from The Roy Rogers Show receiving the same treatment. Apparently, that particular episode carries the title J*******k.

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