If you’ve enjoyed the Castlevania franchise, would you be interested in a new Castlevania game or have you already moved on? For fans of the franchise, if Castlevania still ranks as one of your more favorite games of all time, you might be interested to learn that come E3 (taking place next month), there have been reports that suggests that Konami could be making an announcement for a new Castlevania game that will be arriving on the Nintendo 3DS. The game is expected to be titled Castlevania: Mirror of Fate and we guess this isn’t too surprising given that Konami has registered several domain names in the past that point towards that title.

Interestingly given the Nintendo 3DS’ 3D capabilities, it seems that the upcoming game will be in 2D. This is according to Dutch gaming website, N1ntendo (page has since been removed), but according to Lords of Shadows producer, David Cox, he has implied via his Twitter account that N1ntendo was “misinformed” in some way or the other. Either way we will be keeping our eyes peeled so check back with us during E3 for more details!

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