So, the Diablo 3 1.0.2 live patch was released recently, but it seems that this was not the panacea that many have been looking for. In fact, Diablo 3’s servers in Europe have not yet recovered from the 1.0.2 patch which was rolled out yesterday, where players living in Europe complained of receiving consistent Errors 37 and 73 whenever they make a log-in attempt. It is said that across the board, playing time on Diablo 3 has remained sporadic ever since Blizzard deployed the patch, where hundreds of folks remained locked out of the servers despite being told otherwise on screen.

There is even a thread on the Blizzard forum that has surpassed the 1,000 post mark, with majority of the complaints targeting Error 37 and Error 73, which mention that servers are too busy and that is offline, respectively. Blizzard’s earlier response was this, “We’re aware that many players are receiving error 37 when logging into the game. Please note that this error indicates that all servers are full, and that we’re currently receiving a high volume of log-in traffic. We’re working to reduce the frequency at which players are prompted with this error message and ensure that everyone can successfully log in to the game and play.”

Hopefully they get it right, and do you agree to roll out a game that requires you to connect to the Internet even if you want to indulge in a little bit of single player action?

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