When it comes to today’s modern devices, one of the main drawbacks would be the lack of battery power – after all, how many of us have experienced the sinking feeling in realizing that we have forgotten to recharge our smartphones the night before, only to be greeted by a blinking red battery bar the next morning just as we are about to take off for work? Well, Massachusetts-based Lilliputian Systems Inc. might have something for the present as well as future – a pocket-friendly (in terms of size, that is) fuel cell that claims to carry enough juice which allows it to power an iPhone for approximately 10 to 14 times, now how about that?

Lilliputian Systems will team up with retailer Brookstone in order to sell this portable charger later this year, carrying the Brookstone name. It will get the charging work done via USB, so you can expect a slew of devices to play nice with it, assuming there is the right USB connector in action, of course. Underneath the hood lies a recyclable fuel cell cartridge which helps set it apart form the rest, although we would very much like to get the pricing details on this puppy. If it is affordable enough, then you can be sure that this is going to be quite the hit amongst the forgetful and frequent travelers.

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