Two of the biggest car manufacturers on the planet today announced a new joint venture which will see them manufacture hydrogen fuel cells at scale. They’re planning to start mass production of hydrogen fuel cells by 2020 and are going to invest a combined sum of $85 million split evenly between Honda and General Motors. The companies are going to use the hydrogen fuel cell systems that they create in future products.

General Motors and Honda are calling this joint venture Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, LLC. The mass production will take place at GM’s existing battery pack construction facility in Michigan. GM currently uses this facility to assemble battery packs for its Volt and Bolt electric cars.

Honda isn’t new to the hydrogen fuel cell car race. It already has a fuel cell car on the market called the FCX Clarity. It may not be as popular as its fully electric rivals because the technology here is entirely different but it goes to show that Honda is serious about hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative mode of powering cars. GM has already invested close to $3 billion in the development of fuel cell technology.

GM and Honda aim to reduce manufacturing costs further and faster by teaming up on fuel cell efforts. Since they’re large car manufacturers, the demand created by their products will also help increase scale for this technology.

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