Dog lovers out there no doubt take care of their pets really well. They feed them properly, take them for checkups, take them out for walks and all that jazz to ensure that their dog lives a long, healthy and happy life. Fujitsu is looking to take that to the next level and has since revealed that they are currently developing a smart dog collar that will send the information gathered to the cloud, thus allowing dog owners to check up on their pet’s health wherever they go.

Information recorded by this smart dog collar includes the number of steps taken by your dog, shivering and external temperature measurements, all of which will help dog owners take note of when an irregularity occurs. Since the data will be uploaded to the cloud, owners will be able to access the information on the go such as on their smartphones via apps or on the computer via a website. Unfortunately no GPS tracking system has been built into the smart dog collar so tracking your runaway dog is still out of the question, at least as far as Fujitsu’s solution is concerned (other solutions exist). No word on when the device will be seeing a commercial release, but if you happen to be in Tokyo, Fujitsu will be demonstrating the technology this coming Thursday and Friday. [Press release]

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