On Monday, Fujitsu Laboratories said that it has developed a technology that can accurately measure people’s skin tones using a camera of a smartphone. Fujitsu claims that its color measurement tool  can adjust  images taken under different types of lighting at home and other locations. Furthermore, the technology will also enable users to measure the condition of their skin including spot and blemishes. Fujitsu Laboratories expects the technology to enable companies such as cosmetics firms to increase sales by helping them recommend products to customers through their websites.

The research and development arm of Fujitsu said it aims to commercialize the technology in Japan within the current business year. Skin-conscious people may be thrilled to have this app on their smartphones, as one can never spot skin trouble early enough, right? (…)  Also, men and women suffering from acne or any type of skin problem will usually visit their dermatologists to get expert advice and a couple of medications. They too might find this technology useful and handy.

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