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Lillycover: Skin Care And Analysis On The Go
When covering events like MWC, we tend to focus high-profile items such as new smartphones, but there are intriguing products presented in the startup areas of the show. Lilicover is a skin care product that uses a sensor and a smartphone app. Recently launched in the USA, it aims to analyze the user’s skin to provide recommendations and track the skin’s history with detailed data.

Artificial Skin Could Allow Prosthetic Limbs To “Feel”
While Stephen Hawking has his reservations about AI being the end of humanity, it is still some ways from a Skynet-like scenario methinks. When it comes to bionic body parts, there has been advancements made over the years – but I suppose we can safely say that none of the bionic arm or bionic legs that we have seen in the past can be deemed to be life-like – not […]

Prototype Subdermal Blood-Testing Device Transmits Results Wirelessly
Heading to the doctor to have a blood test performed can be a pain in the neck, well, arm, really. Not only do you have to take time out of your day to get stabbed, but often times, doctors ask that you come in without eating anything, which can leave you a tad woozy if the medical facility takes its time drawing your blood. A new sensor may be just […]

Fujitsu develops technology that will analyze the skin using smartphones
On Monday, Fujitsu Laboratories said that it has developed a technology that can accurately measure people’s skin tones using a camera of a smartphone. Fujitsu claims that its color measurement tool  can adjust  images taken under different types of lighting at home and other locations. Furthermore, the technology will also enable users to measure the condition of their skin including spot and blemishes. Fujitsu Laboratories expects the technology to enable […]


New plastic bleeds and heals itself like human skin
A new plastic material that was demonstrated to the American Chemical Society yesterday is allegedly the first material of its kind as it has a self-healing mechanism which works with the sun and also has the capability to indicate damage that looks like bleeding through real skin. Professor Marek W.Urban from the University of Southern Mississippi said of the invention, “Our new plastic tries to mimic nature, issuing a red […]

Touch-sensitive robots coming your way soon
Great, not only do we have ever increasingly realistic robots that would certainly give some of us the creeps, here is word that Stanford researchers have taken yet another step towards the uncanny valley through the use of carbon nanotubes – by developing touch-sensitive, gooey skin for AI sensing, prosthetics, and who knows – robots? Such skin will deliver robots the touch-sensitivity that has long been in the realm of […]

PowerSkin Skin for HTC Amaze 4G offers better battery life
There is one major drawback about modern day smartphones – their batteries tend to run out, and real fast, too. Well, it seems that there is a solution to every problem, and PowerSkin offers their Skin for the HTC Amaze 4G which is said to deliver another 1,500mAh worth of battery life that has been incorporated into its smooth silicone exterior.Needless to say, the additional battery pack would mean a […]

Samsung Galaxy Skin confirmed for 2012 launch
We talked about the Samsung Galaxy Skin a few days ago, brandishing rumors of the flexible smartphone arriving sometime next year – and that rumor has been confirmed. Here is more information about this stunning new smartphone that will definitely make Apple’s iPhone 6 (no, that was not a typo) look as though it was something cobbled together during Alexander Graham Bell’s era. Using the material ‘graphene’ for its display, […]

Bulletproof skin actually works
What happens when you cross spider webs with human skin cells? Why, you could very well end up with an interesting new material that could repel bullets – as long as they travel within reasonable speeds, of course. This is made possible thanks to a Dutch team who conjured this unique “bulletproof” skin using special, U.S.-made spider silk and human skin cells. Basically, it stopped a bullet that was fired […]

DermoMap HD lets you use your iOS device to identify skin problems
If you’re ever worried about having any skin problems, but don’t want to spend a fortune going to the dermatologist, you’re in luck! You know how they say there’s an app for everything? Well now there’s an app that can help you with the diagnosis of skin diseases. Called DermoMap HD, the app features about a 100 of the most common dermatological diseases with over 300 HD photos, multiple images […]

Researchers discover a way to print skin cells
The researchers at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have come up with a way to do replace skin grafting as a method for helping patients get skin back from serious injuries. They’ve developed a special method that uses an inkjet printer to print skin. Well it’s not to say that they can now print out skin that you can just place over a wound to heal it – […]

Skinnable Pentax RS1000 Compact Camera Announced
It’s not often you see a camera that offers you personalization options, but the Pentax Optio RS1000 definitely offers you that. Aside from its imaging capabilities, this camera sports a removable faceplate that allows you to easily change its appearance as often as you want, popping in whatever color or design that you wish. The RS1000 initially ships with 11 standard skins, but you’ll receive a SkinIt gift card that […]

Panasonic EH-SA91 Nano-Care Ion Steamer
If you’re the type of person who cares about the condition of your skin, chances are you’ve looked into various facial products before. Panasonic seems like it wants to get some of your business too, as it is offering the EH-SA91 Nano-Care Ion Steamer. This device supposedly creates ion steam particles that are extremely small, enabling the moisturizing steam to penetrate the outer layers of your skin. It can generate […]