Asus recently filed a patent for a notebook that will feature an integrated projector, which does bring back memories of smartphones as well as digital cameras that featured built-in projectors themselves. Those devices did not really do too well in the market, and I hardly know anyone who totes them around and making full use of them. After all, battery life is always an issue, considering how projectors tend to take up a whole lot more juice than standard issue devices, and pico projectors themselves can barely last past the 5 hour mark. Patent Bolt managed to uncover patent applications for future Asus notebooks that were filed more than a year ago, and these new notebooks will carry an integrated projector that is located right at the hinge area which connects the notebook’s display onto the rest of the chassis, where its lens will face outwards from the side of the notebook.

This particular design enables one to open up the screen at an angle of 270 degrees, where one will then be able to let the notebook rest like a triangle, while the side of the device is pointed at a screen or a surface decent enough to be your screen, letting you play back videos, presentations, or other content. A non-skid surface will wrap the edges of the computer in order to prevent it from slipping – always a good idea. No idea on whether Asus has the will to follow through with this patent or not though.

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