Just a few years ago, experts said that the future is in the cloud. That prediction turned out to be true after all. Hitachi seems to be headed in that direction as well. As Japanese companies like NTT Data and Fujitsu pushes its support for cloud-based services focusing on server farms and big data, which refers to the huge sets of information generated by websites, social networks, and physical networks, Hitachi has decided to launch a new data center business that will include everything ranging from construction to IT support. Today, Hitachi launched its new GNEXT Facility & IT Management Service.

It’s said to cover a wide range of fields ranging from consulting on environmental and security issues to procurement and installation of power, and from hardware maintenance to installation of power, cooling and security systems. Hitachi will also widen its outsourcing services for software engineers and expand support for clearing regulatory hurdles and certifications. Hitachi’s goal will be to offer an all-in-one outsourcing services for clients who want to host their own data centers on site. The Japanese company will offer standardized rack layouts for existing facilities, as well as all-in-one container data centers. Hitachi will also be working with local regional partners in China, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia.

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