ION Worldwide has just announced the availability of their ION AIR PRO HD Sports Video Camera with Wi-Fi PODZ, an action camera which enables one to shoot as well as share videos right there and then over a Wi-Fi network, thanks to the free ION CAMERA app which plays nice on the iOS platform. It does not matter if you are an uptight professional in a suit, or one of those laidback creative types, or the general consumer, this is an aerodynamic and lightweight device which is easy-to-use. The ION AIR PRO Wi-Fi camera will boast its fair share of industry firsts such as Wi-Fi connectivity and free cloud storage.

Apart from that, you will find that the special ION PODZ system that is made up of thin, circular discs which are attached onto the back of the basic camera paves the way for a virtually weightless way of extending the capabilities of the ION AIR PRO. The combination of the ION Wi-Fi PODZ and ION app will enable users to control camera functions and settings, check out the action that is going on in real time, replay or immediately upload footage to Facebook, YouTube, or share it over email. Each purchase is accompanied by 8GB of free cloud-based storage that is hosted by for all your uploading needs.

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