A designer by the name of Antoine Brieux has come up with a rather gorgeous concept for what the next-gen iPhone could look like. The French designer created the concept with the iPhone 5 in a high-performance Liquidmetal alloy casing along with some wishful specifications attached. The interesting part of this concept design is how the ‘home’ button has been replaced with a virtual ‘home’ button in exactly the same place ala Galaxy Nexus and this concept has a display that measures up at 4.5-inches and it is also a widescreen. With the physical ‘home’ button missing, the design suggests that Apple could increase the display’s aspect ratio to 16:9 which can allow for larger screen real estate while maintaining its form factor.

Also with the addition of the virtual ‘home’ button, it could be removed if an application that has been launched needs to make use of that extra bit of space. Reports seem to indicate that Apple probably won’t be ditching the physical ‘home’ button but the idea behind this concept is definitely an interesting one and shows exactly how much possible screen area is taken up with the individual physical ‘home’ button sitting prettily on current iPhones. Then again, the iPhone wouldn’t really be as recognizable as it is now without it. Moreover, there have already been rumors of a possible iPhone 5 ‘home’ button spotted from a component retailer, but that isn’t anything official to go by. Let us know what you think of this beautiful concept with a comment below.

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