We’re not sure if there is an age limit to bringing a lunch box in to work, but if you were a fan and had great memories playing the NES while you were growing up as a kid, we’re sure that this Nintendo Entertainment System Lunch Box will most definitely be a piece of memorabilia worth picking up! As the name itself has implied, this is a lunch box that is made from an NES console that has been hollowed out. Instead its internals have since been replaced by strips of vinyl tape and has been given a suitcase handle that even comes with a lock and a key to make sure that no one will be able to steal your lunch (unless they steal the entire box). We have to admit that this is pretty nostalgic but unfortunately it seems it is out of stock at the moment but its creator, Luke Blackford, has stated that he plans to create more in the future, so head on over to his Etsy shop for the photos or to drop him a message signaling your interest!


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