Magellan has just announced its new RoadMate portable automobile navigation family that was specially designed to elevate motorists’ daily driving experience with greater safety, convenience and time savings. I have always wondered just where the zenith of dedicated GPS machines resided, and have not been impressed with the improvements made with each new generation, considering how the GPS-equipped smartphone is fast making a dedicated GPS unit obsolete. Well, the Magellan RoadMate range has no intention of throwing in the towel just yet, coming in the Magellan RoadMate 2210, 2210T, 2220-LM, 2230T-LM, 5220-LM, 5230T-LM and 5235T-LM models that boasts of ‘Landmark Guidance’ that will inform drivers of an easier route to their destination. Not only that, the giving of directions is made more human-like, as the Magellan RoadMate GPS will inform drivers to make turns at familiar landmarks including banks and malls, instead of churning out street names.


PhantomALERT will also be able to warn drivers about upcoming red light and speed cameras along the way, helping you save a ton of moolah in the process since you will be on your best behavior at the designated hot spots, only to place a heavy foot on the accelerator afterwards. Updates for PhantomALERT will be free for the first year, but after that, you will need to fork out $29.99 annually.

Depending on the model of your choice, the new units will retail anywhere from $99.99 to $169.99, where all new Magellan RoadMate GPS devices will come with their relevant suit of software to get you started right out of the box.

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