magellan-5-inch-roadmate-seriesMagellan, a name that many of us would be familiar with when it comes to standalone GPS navigation devices, is back with a back – and this time around they do not intend to roll out just one device, but has expanded the RoadMate family by a handful of other navigational devices that ought to be an ideal fit for their respective target markets. The devices that are in question would be the Magellan RoadMate 5322-LM, RoadMate 5330T-LM with real-time traffic alerts, and RoadMate 5375T-LMB with portrait viewing mode, real-time traffic alerts and Bluetooth connectivity.


These brand new Magellan 5” RoadMate auto GPS models would feature 3D renderings of buildings and landmarks so that it would be a whole lot easier and convenient for drivers to figure out just where they are. Visual cues work well, since it transcends language barriers that are normally there when one is in unfamiliar territory, especially on foreign soil. Soem of the common navigation features that will be shared across the new line of GPS devices include lifetime map updates, traffic camera alerts provided by PhantomALERT, 7M POIs, multi-destination routing, Junction View, SmartDetour, and a OneTouch Favorites Menu that paves the way for a personalized travel experience.

The Magellan 5330T-LM does stand out from its entry level sibling, featuring Free Lifetime Traffic Alerts that ought to come in handy to help folks avoid traffic jams and delays. Apart from that, the Magellan 5375T-LMB tops the entire group of debutants with its Portrait Viewing mode that provides an extended view of the road ahead, not to mention Bluetooth Compatibility which would enable users to make phone calls in a hands-free manner.

In terms of pricing, all of them are not going to break the bank, although I would most certainly not classify them to be impulse purchases, either. The Magellan RoadMate 5322-LM, RoadMate 5330T-LM, and RoadMate 5375T-LMB will retail for $149.99 , $159.99 and $199.99, respectively – before taxes, of course, as they hit their target markets in the U.S. and Canada later this March, with one being able to make purchases online as well.

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