Despite Microsoft’s newly upgraded Internet Explorer web browser, many people are still opting for browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. However, a blog post by Mozilla indicates that Microsoft is allegedly planning to limit user choice for web browsers on the tablets that will run Microsoft’s upcoming OS, Windows 8.

According to the blog post, on ARM-based devices running the OS, the only web browser that will be allowed to run in Windows Classic mode will be the company’s own Windows Explorer. However, the strange thing is that it will be possible to use third-party browsers such as Chrome and Firefox in the Windows Metro mode.

David Heiner who is an attorney for Microsoft explained that the reasons why other browsers will not be allowed to be used on Windows Classic mode is because of security and power needs of the ARM-based chips which apparently, only Microsoft can properly address like it did for the Metro mode.

This story brings back memories of a time during the 90s when Microsoft was in a tussle with the Department of Justice over allegedly monopolizing the browser market. In reply to this news, general counsel for Mozilla, Harvey Anderson said that, “sometimes (Microsoft) need some pressure….If it turns out to be legal pressure, that could be the thing.”

After Mozilla publicized this news on its blog, it turns out that Google isn’t very happy about Microsoft’s decision to block out third-party web browsers either. Of course, that doesn’t come as a surprise. We were really looking forward to Windows 8 but with this latest development, what do you think?

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