Rumors of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox console have been floating around for quite a while now. The device has been called the Xbox 720 and even has a codename “Durango”. Naturally none of this can be confirmed for now, but if you’re looking forward to getting your hands on the next-gen console by Microsoft, here’s a fresh set of rumors you’ll want to sink your teeth into. According to one of IGN’s source, assembly of the nex-gen console has already begun at the Austin, Texas branch of Flextronics.


Supposedly prior to the manufacturing process, the company had reportedly put together a testing group that was separate from the company and was tasked to come up with comprehensive marketing, and perform hardware and software tests of the next-gen Xbox. Before you get too excited, IGN has pointed out that the consoles currently being manufactured could merely be development kits designed for developers so that they know what sort of hardware and software they would be working with.

In any case Microsoft had flat out denied rumors that they would be debuting a new console at E3 later this year, so if you’re looking forward to seeing what the Xbox 720 “Durango” has to offer, you’d be out of luck this year.

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