At the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) this week in Florida, Special Operations Apps announced a new technology that will allow soldiers to use mobile devices, particularly the iPhone and the iPad, as heads-up displays, complete with night vision, target information, infrared, laser-range finders and video recording.


Special Operations Apps claims that the iPhone and the iPad can now be integrated into military-grade optics. The company’s System for Optical Attachments, also known as [SOA]2, is a set of adapters and apps that allows soldiers to connect infrared, night vision, or long-range cameras to the iPhone or iPad.

Once a device is connected, the phone and the tablet can reportedly act as an external display. Special Operations Apps also claims that the [SOA]2 can also record video and mark the location where it was taken. “In addition to the Apple iPhone 4S and the New iPad, we’re also excited about the platforms and devices like the Windows phones, the Android, the Lumia 9000, and the Nokia PureView, with its game-changing 41-megapixel camera,” said Dominic Cincotti, founder of Special Operations Apps.

Cincotti added that the [SOA]2 completed its testing earlier this month in North Carolina. At the SOFIC this week, the special operations community, law enforcement, government security agencies, and major defense contractors will have the opportunity to schedule meetings for field demonstrations and to discuss inclusion in the [SOA]2 program.

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