Memes inspired by the movie inception tend to have a geeky slant to things, and here we are with something that would definitely get the legion of Minecraft fans to sit up and take notice. I am talking about Mineception, a minigame that basically allows you to play Minecraft in Minecraft itself. This is the most recent effort from Codecrafted that comprises of a collection of modders who have dedicated a fair number of their days here on earth to manipulate redstone at an expert level, letting players create rudimentary circuitry which paves the way for the creation of machines within the game itself. Just to get a better idea on what Codecrafted delivered in the past, we are talking about “Space Invaders,” “Simon Says,” “Fruit Ninja,” and “Guitar Hero” to boot.

Check out the video above and see how and what “Mineception” is all about. You will need to rely on a tiny handheld “screen” in order to monitor the progress of a huge redstone powered machine which can be controlled through half a dozen. You can make use of six kinds of blocks, in addition to water and gravity coming into play. Anyone wants to give Mineception a go?

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