What you see in the video above is definitely something special and radically different from regular TV programming. NHK Hybridcast is a special kind of infrastructure system that is being developed by NHK, where it is being targeted for a commercial release sometime in the year 2013. This particular system will merge broadcasting alongside the Internet, so that one is able to run a range of TV-centered services. Check out the cute little speech bubble-like areas above each player in their respective soccer teams above – makes you wonder whether you are playing a video game or not, no?


Some of the TV manufacturers involved in the NHK Hybridcast include Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, and Mitsubishi Electric, and prototype receivers are already being tested at the moment. This particular service is made possible courtesy of running applications on the HTML5 platform, where one can then make full use of the feature on a tablet device. Should one use it in sports broadcasts, you can check out updates concerning individual players in order to create a more integrated viewing experience.

One thing is for sure though – you cannot control Arjen Robben and make him score against Chelsea even with all the stats and high tech details shown.

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