Most of us would have thought of our Nintendo DS (whether it is the original, ugly looking DS, the sleek and sexy DS Lite, or the 3DS, it does not matter) as the bomb in terms of the sheer number of hours of enjoyment that it has delivered over the years. Well, it seems that a patent application filed by Nintendo showed off the DS in a new light, one that is not meant for gaming, but rather, to promote and enhance a tourist’s experience in a new place. Just what does this patent application involve? For starters, it will beam the position of the DS to an overhead grid of infrared transmitters, where the DS will then communicate wirelessly to a server which will in turn light up floor displays with maps and directions, letting the DS user choose the route of their choice. Seems to be the perfect tool for tourists at a museum or some other public area who cannot afford a tour guide, but have a spare DS in hand.

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