If you are a geek and n avid video gamer, then you might want to consider working on your own version of the Portal turret. Granted, there seems to be a fair number of replica Portal guns that are available in the market in this day and age, but apart from being expensive as well as an excuse for companies to make money out of you, they do not actually fire anything out from their faux nozzles, apart from putting up a Christmas show. Good to know that necessity is the mother of all invention, as YouTube user “kss5095′ literally took things into his own hands by coming up with the Nerf powered instrument of destruction – the Portal turret.

There is no outer shell, but it is a small matter when you consider that apart from that, everything else about the Portal turret works fine, even as you watch the video above. An IP webcam, a laser pointer, a couple of mini USB rocket launchers which will shoot foam bullets, an Arduino microprocessor, and MATLAB, a high-level technical computing language, will come together in a melting pot to make it possible.

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