AT&T logoAT&T has come up with a Remote Patient Monitoring Service that will help patients and caregivers connect with one another, as chronic conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure and diabetes have made up around 80% of physician visits, where more than 80% of hospital inpatient stays, and over 90% of prescriptions, and over 95% of home healthcare visits. There does not seem to be any end in sight for to the bad news though, since records show that patients who were recently hospitalized with one or more of these conditions will also be at a significantly higher risk for readmission. AT&T recently signed an agreement with Valued Relationships Inc. (VRI) in order to deliver a remote patient monitoring service that is said to be more effectively manage chronic diseases and help reduce hospital readmissions.


This particular end-to-end managed service is on track to go live when the third quarter of the year rolls around. Basically, a VRI nurse-staffed telemonitoring center will do the job of monitoring patients around the clock in order to keep track of everything ranging from basic vital signs to chronic diseases. With this intelligent service, caregivers can also be alerted as and when required should there be a need for intervention. Technology and healthcare make perfect bedfellows, don’t you think so? [Press Release]

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