Welcome to the cloud – you no longer need to stash away your data on an external, physical device, but rather, all you need is a decent connection to the Internet and you are good to go. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 range – the 7.0 and 10.1 models, are decent Android-powered tablets on their own, and they will now be on the receiving end of an additional 50GB of free storage from Dropbox for the first year. Once the year passes by (and boy, does time fly these days. Ever wondered whether we are about to usher in the end of the world?), you will then be able to enjoy 2GB of storage space for any free account, which is a far cry from the 25 times more space you had previously, but then again, 2GB is still better than nothing. Should you still use the tablet for a second year (which means it is entering its third year of service), another 3GB of storage space will be made available for your use. Loyalty does pay, doesn’t it? I suppose this attraction will capture the imagination of just a select few, unless the economy has hit you really, really hard, and you do not foresee changing your tablet three years from now.

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