Samsung did tease the masses with 5 more camcorders in their lineup for this year at CES earlier this January, but back then, the amount of launch details were extremely scant – as scant as the strands of hair on Professor Xavier’s head. Well, today marks the end of the road for the Invisibility Cloak that covered the Samsung QF20 and Samsung W300 camcorders, as they have both made their way to US stoers at long last. The Samsung QF20 will target the Internet savvy crowd, where $350 will net you a device that enables one to upload freshly shot videos to Facebook, YouTube or Picasa without requiring to process and reformat the video on a computer beforehand. It can record video in 1080p resolution and comes with 20x zoom capability to boot, now how about that?

As for those who tend to live the more rough and tumble lifestyle, the Samsung W300 is a tougher model that ought to be able to handle most knocks and drops, shrugging them off easily. The Samsung W300 boasts dust-proof capability, not to mention being able to accompany you on snorkeling trips as it is waterproof up to 15 feet underwater, and is also shockproof up to a 6 foot drop. This tough cookies will set you back by $160 if you are interested. The lovely ladies do not accompany each purchase though.

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