Do you remember the movie Wanted? That particular show had the babelicious Angelina Jolie act as one of the world’s deadliest assassins, who is capable of bending a bullet around an obstacle before hitting the target some distance away. Well, that fictional setting might end up being reality one of these days, as a new bullet being developed at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico (without Thor’s Mjolnir hammer in the vicinity, I suppose) which will be able to travel anywhere between 1 to 2 kilometers while improving long distance marksmanship by approximately 98% – now is that impressive, or is that impressive?

This 4″ long projector might be the killing bullet of choice for assassins in the future, thanks to an optical sensor in the bullet’s nose which is capable of detecting a laser beam that shines on a distant target. This sensor will relay the relevant feedback to guidance and control electronics which will help steer tiny fins that in turn, guides the bullet to the target. Right now, Sandia is finishing up its prototype tests and are looking for a commercial partner to deliver field-ready bullets. Definitely different from the floating “magic bullet” that we talked about last month, it is also equally deadly.

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