Researchers over at the Washington State University (WSU) might have stumbled upon a solution that many of us would love to have – the Super Lithium-Ion Battery. The superlative word “super” is used simply because this new discovery is said to be able to triple the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, which would go a long way in making sure that your smartphone or tablet will be able to last far longer, and it might even put companies like PowerSkin on the alert as folks might not see the need to pick up peripherals from PowerSkin anymore, if their devices already can last more than a day of active use.


The researchers with Grant Norton, Professor in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, at the helm, have already filed patents on the nanoscale-based technology, where it will also pave the way for the batteries to juice up far more times compared to current models, not to mention cut down the recharge times as well. It is tipped that this new Super Lithium-Ion Battery will hit the market within one year from now.

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