Thanko, the purveyors of strange electronics, have come up with this particularly striking update to their original USB-powered butt cooler, calling it the USB Cool Cushion 2. When you first look at it, nothing much seems to have changed from its predecessor, boasting a tiny 5-volt fan that aims to circulate fresh air all over your butt. What makes this decent is, there is no software installation required prior to its use, so you can have fun with this at the office as well as for folks who have a cigarette lighter to USB converter outlet in their vehicles, so that they can enjoy this luxury while driving. Granted, the high end vehicles have seats so luxurious that installing this $16 USB Cool Cushion 2 in there would prove to be an insult to the vehicle’s manufacturers, making me feel that this is one of those crazy gadgets that you ought to give a go once in a while, but not to look out for it on purpose.

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