So you think that having a La-Z-Boy in your living room is the epitome of your financial achievements so far where being a bachelor is concerned, after amassing all the other essentials such as a large flat screen TV, a smashing home theater system, a decent studio apartment, a two-door coupe in the garage, as well as a souped up gaming rig with a mean Internet connection to go along with it? Well, here is news for you – Toyota might have just upped the ante where a personal sofa is concerned with the i-Real personal concept vehicle that has a top speed of 20 mph.

It can be controlled by a pair of joysticks, which I would assume would be somewhat similar in its controlling scheme as that of a remote controlled toy car. The Toyota i-Real electric personal vehicle was recently unveiled to the masses at the 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, and there was no release date nor more importantly, a price point attached to it as at press time. I guess it is something that might or might not make it to the assembly line in the end, and you ought to have a pretty large house if you were to need to ride around in one of these.

It would have been nice to see Toyota come up with a two-seater for this, but they would then have to make sure only one person is in charge of the controls.

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