As much as we’d like to believe that earphones will have no trouble fitting all ears, the sad fact is that it’s not true. While earphones might be able to fit the majority, for some people it just doesn’t work that way, either that or some are just really fussy to the point where they need custom-fitted earphones for their audiophile needs. Ultimate Ears has been known to offer custom-fitted earphones in the past, and it looks like they will be kicking it up a notch with the release of the Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors. To sum it up, this will be custom-fitted earphones with customized sonic preferences, and if you thought that the former would cost you a bomb, well be prepared to fork out $1,999 for these.

So how does this process work? Interested customers will be assigned a personal service specialist that will guide them through the process. Customers will be put through the paces and a device called the Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Box will be used to tweak the lows, mids and highs for each channel. This allows users to tweak the sort of sound that they want, so listeners who prefer more bass might turn up the lows, while those preferring more highs will turn the highs up, and etc. As far as the specs of the earphones are concerned, they will feature a five-armature design, a three-way crossover circuit and triple-bore sound channels and will come with detachable cables to avoid unnecessary tugging or fraying. The earphones are also expected to provide 28dB of isolation and passive noise cancellation and users will be able to choose from four custom fine-wood faceplates.

There are a couple of other interesting features such as the RewardTag system. Now we’re sure that given the price of these headphones, you’re going to be extra, extra careful not to lose them, but in the event that you do, whoever finds them will be able to return them through RewardTag and Ultimate Ears will be giving the individual a reward for its safe return. If the Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors sounds like a pair of earphones you’d like to own, they’re expected to go on sale sometime in June. [Press release] [Product page]

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