How many people do you know who own a Vertu handset? Now, it is going to cost plenty of money to own something that is already obsolete in terms of technology the moment you unbox it, but I guess the social status of carrying one of these jewel encrusted handsets in your handbag or coat pocket holds sway over common sense more often than not. At least when the handset is no longer working, you can pawn off the diamonds as well as melt the phone down for its gold, no? Today is not about disparaging the Vertu range, as fashionistas would be pleased to see that the Vertu Constellation range now comes in more candy friendly colors such as tangerine, raspberry and mint green. It does seem as though you are going to get a toothache looking at all of these colors, which reminds me that my pack of M&Ms in the larder is already finishing and I will need to restock it. Mmmm, candy.

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