It is definitely a naming coup for Sir Richard Branson with his latest release, the Virgin Pure device that intends to alter the drinking habits of folks living in Britain, where the Virgin Strauss Water is said to deliver a range of counter-top purified water solutions which intend to change the way many families drink water at home. Right now, research shows that 20% of UK households prefer to rely on bottled water as their primary source of drinking water, while another 20% use filter jugs. That would mean 10 million British households who prefer to drink bottled or treated water compared to standard tap water.

Virgin Pure will work by being plumbed straight into the water mains, where the T6 and T7 products filter and purify tap water, ensuring pure, great tasting chilled or boiling water will be dispensed with but a single button press. Good thing the units are stylish in design, making it less awkward to install at home, not to mention the environmental impact since you need not throw away empty plastic bottles any more. [Press Release]

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