Here is yet another side project that might pique your interest – the World Wonders Project from Google that allows you to explore those historical places that you read about (or seen on the Internet for children these days). Back then when travel to distant places was far more expensive compared to today, we were left to the machinations of our imagination, as we closed our eyes to depict just how Stonehenge was like, or perhaps the Pyramids of Egypt. These days, things work differently, and Google’s World Wonders Project will let students and other folks worldwide to discover 132 historic sites across the span of 18 countries, ranging from Stonehenge to the the archaeological areas of Pompeii and the ancient Kyoto temples. Not only that, man-made sites will be accompanied by natural places as you wander around the sandy dunes of Australia’s Shark Bay or gaze up at the rock domes of Yosemite National Park in California.


This is made possible thanks to Street View technology, and you will not hear of sand dunes as well as centuries old trees take Google’s Street View team to task as they snap photos of the surrounding sites. Google hopes that “World Wonders will prove to be a valuable educational resource for students and scholars. A selection of educational packages are available to download for classroom use; you can also share the site content with friends.”

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