A little over a week ago, we reported that the Australian consumer watchdog, the ACCC, revealed that they wanted Apple to pay a fine of AUD$2.25 million over the 4G branding for its iPad, which they claim misled customers into purchasing the device. Now it seems that the judge presiding over the case has given the ACCC the greenlight and Apple is now expected to pay the fine. In addition to the fine, the judge has also order Apple to pay AUD$300,000 in costs for contravening consumer law.

For those who might be hearing about this for the first time, this problem sprung up when Apple first launched its new iPad. Featuring 4G LTE connectivity, Apple failed to state more explicitly that its 4G LTE capabilities might not work with carriers outside of the US. This apparently led to many customers purchasing the 4G version of the tablet thinking that it might work with Australian carrier, Telstra’s network. Much to the dismay of many, it did not and despite Apple giving in and changing their advertising to something a bit more explicit, the ACCC went ahead and pressed charges.

Australia isn’t the only country that Apple had gotten into trouble with over the iPad’s 4G LTE branding, but it does appear to be the first country in which Apple had to pay a fine over its alleged misleading. No word if Australia will be the first and last to fine Apple, but we will be keeping our eyes peeled for updates nonetheless.

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