Are you one who is interested in nesting dolls – where you can never quite tell just when that might be the last doll that you have uncovered. Designer Kyle Bean has certainly come up with an interesting aspect of the nesting dolls concept – that is, by tracing changes in mobile design and placing newer and more recent phones inside, Kyle started off with the 1983 DynaTAC to the iPhone model of 2012, implementing the idea using cleverly crafted 3D models. The entire piece is known as Mobile Evolution, and it is certainly worth checking out as kids get to learn more about how the world of phones began, in addition to the relative size in due time. I do remember at one point in time, it was getting smaller and smaller, especially with Nokia’s range of 88XX series, offering luxury in a pocket size. Over time, the size has started to grow big again – simply because with touchscreen displays, it is just too impractical to have them come in a small size as your fingers will not appreciate the cramped area.

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