It wasn’t too long ago that Blizzard release patch 1.0.2 for Diablo 3. This was intended to provided a couple of hot fixes for certain classes and some bugs. Blizzard also promised that the bigger changes will be arriving in patch 1.0.3, and some of those changes included game and item balancing which would help make the Inferno mode of Diablo 3 slightly easier for the majority of players. If you have been playing Diablo 3 and you have been scouting the forums, you’ll realize that Act II is a particular nasty act to get past in Inferno mode and this is one of the changes that Blizzard will be making.

No word on when patch 1.0.3 will drop (should be this month but no specific dates were mentioned), but Blizzard has released a detailed overview on the sort of changes they will be making. This includes bridging the item gap, adjustments to Legendary items, Nephalem Valor tweaks, adjusting the health and damage of monsters and bosses in Inferno and adjusting the bonus monster damage that players experience in multiplayer mode. While we guess it varies from player to player, playing a full game of four players in Inferno mode is an extremely painful one and causes many repair runs and resurrections.

Some of these changes will no doubt be well received by players, while others might complain. Either way if you’d like to read about the upcoming changes, head on over to Blizzard’s website for the details.

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