Facebook is reportedly testing call buttons on people’s profiles in timeline. Last year, we saw some sort of a Facebook – Skype integration that allows Skype users to do Facebook video chat calls within Skype’s platform. Well, that might all change for the better because some Facebook users are reporting that they are seeing a call button next to their friend’s name on timeline. We can usually see a tiny video camera icon in the text chat window, and that was basically the only way to start a video chat. Sources from the web are saying that the reason behind the reported call button is due to Facebook’s fierce rivalry with Google+ and its Hangouts, and the newly launched Airtime and its real-time video chat.


It’s important to note that Facebook already has a call button feature in the old version of the social networking site, but that functionality wasn’t really included when timeline was launched. Assuming that the call button feature will be added soon on timeline, it should make it easier for Facebook users to initiate calls. Google+ Hangouts on the other hand, is doing pretty well. One thing that Hangout does better is multi-people video calls which is free. Meanwhile, Skype’s group chat feature will require you to spend a few bucks to avail it. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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