Can something as small as the FishPi actually manage to achieve its objective – which is to cross the Atlantic? Only time will tell, and you certainly cannot fault the FishPi for the lack of trying. The highly sought after Raspberry Pi will be at the heart of the FishPi, as creator Greg Holloway figured out that this is the best way to achieve his goal. The Raspberry Pi will be the brain of the FishPi, resulting in an autonomous vehicle which is said to be able to cross the Atlantic Ocean – at least, that is the theoretical part. As for the practical segment, that remains to be seen.

The final version will feature a 130 watt solar panel that powers it, and there will also be important features such as GPS thrown into the mix in addition to a servo controller board that lets you drive the rudder and motor, a compass, and a camera to capture images and video for posterity. At present, the test version measures 20″ long, and intends to ward off elemental attacks on the Raspberry Pi through the creative use of a plastic sandwich container.

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