When it comes to the security of your desktop, what do you normally do when you leave your work space in order to go to the loo, spend an hour or so outside of the office with a client, or just head off to the pantry for a break? Most of us would end up pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys (on a Windows machine, that is) to lock the computer, where only the right password can unlock it. That is commendable, but it is not that secure. Fujitsu’s new Esprimo desktop range will come with a built-in palm vein sensor on its keyboards, letting you authenticate your username by passing your hand over the scanner. That is definitely a neat trick, don’t you think so?Other hardware specifications include a range of third-generation Intel Core processors to choose from, Intel vPro technology, as well as an all-in-one design that will definitely help you save further space in your cubicle. Got to watch that hand of yours now to make sure no machete comes near it!

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