We’re sure that some of you guys have come across this video about Apple’s iOS 6. Apparently Apple’s attention to detail has extended into iOS 6 and thanks to the iOS device’s gyroscope, the reflection on some buttons changes depending on how the user tilts the phone (check it out in the video above). Granted it’s just an aesthetic feature, but we have to admit it is pretty cool. That being said, a report from Buzzfeed (via The Next Web) is quoting an anonymous Apple employee who is saying upcoming iOS builds could be taking that attention to detail to the next level, bringing a higher level of realism and interactivity to the operating system.


According to the source, future iOS builds could feature UI components that will drop shadows according to the light being directed on it as detected by the phone’s ambient light sensor. Unfortunately since the current light sensors are incidental and not directional, it would not be possible – at least for the current generation of iOS devices. However this can still be accomplished via the gyroscope trick as seen in the video above. Granted these may merely be eye candy and might not add much to the overall experience, but it does show Apple’s commitment to the operation system, as opposed to just releasing build after build in an attempt to stay ahead of the game.

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