If unlocking achievements is your thing, it seems that you could be rewarded for it with more than just a sense of accomplishment, titles, avatar items, etc. According to the official Xbox Live Rewards program’s Twitter account, they have teased that coming this Fall, gamers will soon be able to earn Rewards based on your achievements. It was not stated as to what those Rewards might be, but many have speculated that it could be a way for gamers to win Microsoft Points. For the non-Xbox gamer, these Microsoft Points is basically Microsoft’s virtual currency used within the Xbox platform. These Points can be used to purchase new games amongst other things, so you can see why this might sound like a pretty attractive deal if it were true. After all if you’re going to play games anyway, you might as well start racking up those achievements which could lead to a new free game, and so on and so forth, right? Either way since this cannot be confirmed yet, we will refrain from speculating too much, but what do you guys think?

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