For those unfamiliar, ClearPlex is a company that produces screen protectors for mobile phones. Given that our mobile phones these days feature some pretty tough glass displays, screen protectors aren’t really that necessary, although they do give many users that peace of mind. That being said, the folks at ClearPlex have released a video which features a grandmother using a machine gun and a shotgun on Apple’s MacBook Pro and iPhone products. We guess the goal here is to prove that with ClearPlex’s screen protectors, your iPhone will be able to withstand a shotgun blast while falling through the sky. Granted it’s very exaggerated and we don’t recommend you try it at home, but we guess we get the message – ClearPlex’s screen protectors are tough. Even if in reality their screen protectors can’t withstand bullets, the video is pretty entertaining on its own, so if you’re looking for something to perk you up on a Friday morning, be sure to check it out in the video above.


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