If you’re shopping about for new set of earphones or headphones, renowned manufacturer of audio devices Harman Kardon unveiled five new earphones/headphones. This lineup includes two sound-isolating in-ear models which have been designed specifically for the iPhone in mind, and two on-ear and over-ear headphones, some of which includes wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and noise-cancellation features and has also been designed for iOS devices in mind.

Starting with the in-ear models, the NI model will be the most affordable out of the five and will be priced at $99.95. It features 9mm drivers and comes with a three button remote with a built-in microphone for calls and comes with a set of silicone sleeves in different sizes. Next is the AE model which is priced at a more expensive $149.95 and features an aluminum casing that Harman claims offers superior acoustic dampening. It too will feature 9mm drivers, a three button remote with a built-in microphone and silicone sleeves in differing sizes.

Next up will the be on-ear CL headphone priced at $199. For those wondering what’s the difference between on-ear and over-ear, on-ear headphones rest on top of your ears while over-ear headphones will basically cup and enclose your ear. There’s really no “right” or “wrong” choice and it pretty much boils down to personal preference. The CL headphone will come with metal hinges, a sand-blasted metal finish and rectangle ear cups. It will come with 40mm drivers and will come with a detachable cable which will make it easier for transportation, not mention it will help extend the life to the headphone since it will prevent the headphone from being ripped off in case the cable gets caught.

The last two models are over-ear models, with the BT model featuring Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in microphone and features playback controls along the side of the ear cups for easy control. The battery will offer users 12 hours of playback, or users can simply plug the cable in which not only will charge the headphone, will also allow for continued playback. Expect to fork out $249 for this particular model. If you’re looking for noise cancellation headphones, the NC model might be worth your consideration.

Featuring the company’s proprietary digital active noise-cancelling technology which can be found in acoustic installations in premium automobiles, these headphones offer slow-retention foam and comes with a 30 hour battery life. Unlike some noise cancellation headphones, these headphones will apparently keep on playing even after the battery dies, although we suspect that noise cancellation will no longer be enabled. Thee Harman NC headphones will retail for $399 and is expected to be available this summer, while the other models are currently via Apple’s retail stores.

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