Harman Kardon’s immersive surround sound products are now integrated into Lovesac’s SealthTech furniture in the “Sactionals” sofa collection (press release). StealthTech hides audio and wireless charging technologies inside the seating furniture, making it completely invisible.

If you’re not familiar with Lovesac, it’s a publicly-traded company under the ticker LOVE. It’s been listed on the Nasdaq since 2018 and has done well for itself during the pandemic, probably when people realized they’d be using their couches a lot more.

In my opinion, their Lovesac modular sofa called “Sactionals” is the most exciting idea as it lets people design the sectional they want from multiple Seats and Sides modules (try their configurator), just like LEGOs. Additionally, Lovesac sectionals are designed to have their covers changed and washed, two common pain points for any sofa owner.

Some Sactionals feature built-in storage space, but the StalthTech collection better uses that space by integrating a powerful Harman Kardon surround sound system. Depending on how they configure their sound system, users can buy different modules with center-channel, left/right, and up-firing speakers.

A seating module with a sub-woofer is also available, and one of the configurations examples features four sub-woofers and eight speakers. Impressive!

The sub-woofer module installed in a seat’s base

Everything can be configured and tuned with an app, and Lovesac says that you will not only “hear” the sound but also “feel” it, which I can believe if you’re sitting right above one of the sub-woofers!

I haven’t experienced it, but it seems like it would work quite well based on the specifications and general description. If I happen to wander by a Lovesac showroom, I’ll give it a try. Apparently, select Best Buy stores might have them too.

The base Sactional StealthTech should retail for less than $3000 and have an MSRP of $3700.

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