We’ve seen rear skins for iOS devices that allows them to grip when stuck on surfaces like mirrors. While this is great and no doubt useful, the grip usually doesn’t last too long and there’s always the possibility of your iPhone dropping on the floor when least expected. Magnets on the other hand, sound like a more stable idea and if you love the idea of being able to stick your iPhone on the fridge door (i.e. to use as a to-do list, grocery list, notes, etc), then the MagSkin Kickstarter project could be one worth taking a look at. As the name itself has probably given away, the MagSkin is a rear skin for the iPhone 4/4S that will allow it to stick onto surfaces like fridge doors and even the exterior of your car.

According to its creator, Daniel Weyer, the MagSkin measures less than 1mm thick so it should not be too unsightly, nor should it affect the thickness of your iPhone by much. It will come in a variety of different patterns, design and colors and a minimum pledge of $15 ($12 for early bird offers) will guarantee you the MagSkin upon its successful funding and production. If you’d like to pledge your donation or to learn more about the accessory, pop on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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