Apple has been known for creating good looking products that not only look good outside, but look good on the inside too. This is why we can’t help but marvel at Apple’s latest MacBook Pro with a Retina display which the folks at iFixit have taken apart as they usually do with new products and gadgets. Unfortunately just like the MacBook Air and the new iPad, it seems that iFixit has arrived at the conclusion that “[The MacBook Pro with Retina Display] is, to date, the least repairable laptop we’ve taken apart.”

What this means is that once your warranty has run out and there’s an issue with your device, you can expect suggestions from the Apple Genius to replace the entire device versus swapping out the bad/faulty components for new ones. This is thanks to the RAM which has been soldered onto the logic board, the batteries which have been glued in place, a custom SSD and not to mention the display which has been packed into a single piece.

For the most part, a year’s warranty is good enough and if you take care of your computer, it should last you a good couple of years. However given how “least repairable” the new MacBook Pro is, you might want to consider forking out extra money for that extended warranty. In the meantime if you’d like to see the whole breakdown, pop on over to iFixit’s website for the details.

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