The Raspberry Pi computer that has received plenty of orders ever since it was launched, in addition to picking up a camera add-on in the process, will now see support for the Chromium OS being made available, thanks to Chromium OS hacker Hexxeh who has done his bit to port the open source version of Google’s Chrome operating system over to this highly affordable $35 computer. Of course, this is nowhere near the final product, as it is still a rough work in progress, but at least the initial version has already picked up approval from the official Chromium OS team. Basically, this means one can boot Chromium OS on the Raspberry Pi, but it will still be some time before a stable version of the Chromium operating system will be released for the highly diminutive machine. If you happen to own a Raspberry Pi computer, would you want to have it run on Chromium OS, or do you have another operating system in mind?

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