Robots are pretty handy devices to own, but perhaps here is something that you might want to take note for the future. Researchers who currently spend the better part of their day in the Personal Robotics Lab, are working hard to include the human element into robots by teaching them to “hallucinate” – or rather, to think of just how humans might stand, sit or work within a given space of a room. Not only that, it will also help them think on behalf of their human superiors as to how objects are placed just the way humans would want to.

For the robot to relate objects to humans, this will not only prevent such mistakes from happening, but it will also help make the computation process a whole lot easier, as each object has been described in terms of its relationship to a small set of human poses, instead of to the long list of other objects within a scene. A computer will be able to pick up these relationships through an observation process of 3D images of rooms with objects within. Basically, we are talking about a robot that “thinks” on behalf of the human, so the human need not worry himself or herself about thinking just how much work there is left ahead to arrange the items in a room.

Well, do you think you would ever employ a robot under such circumstances to get the job of thinking done on your behalf?

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