With the plethora of modern devices that you own these days, it can be quite the challenge to ensure that all of them are juiced up to the maximum right before you leave home with them in your jacket pocket and bag. However, there are moments when you suffer from a lapse of concentration, and this is where the $49.99 Satechi Portable Energy Station comes in handy. This powerful 10,000 mAh battery pack will come with a 1 amp and a 2 amp USB port that ought to ensure majority of smartphones and tablets out there will be kept happy and fully charged.

In fact, 10,000 mAh translates to being able to fully charge a dead iPhone 4S up to 5 times. The entire Satechi Portable Energy Station will not weigh you down on your everyday travels, as it tips the scales at a lightweight 5.93 ounces and measures just 5.5” in length, enabling users to simply toss the device into any backpack, purse or carry on without taking up too much space. There is also a battery life indicator and auto off feature so that the Satechi Portable Energy Station works as efficiently as possible. [Press Release]

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